TextNow with 1 Month No Ads App Reviews

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Highly recommended

I dont have a plan and this app lets me do all the things a regular phone would allow. I really like how you can customize the backgrounds of each of your contacts. I highly recommend it for people without a phone plan.


Ive had this app for years and its just gotten continuously worse. Not only is it glitchy and laggy but now it wont let me delete any of my messages. I hate using it and refuse to unless I have to. If things dont get fixed soon Im going to switch to a better app.


Love this app! I have had it for years. No cell service where I live. So this is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. My only problem, my voicemail stopped working. Great app!!!!

From yesterday

Why cant I hear or be notified when I get a text, I have to press the app to see, its annoying now.. app was good but now its a joke,, fix the app

Not Receiving Notifications

After the the latest update, I stopped receiving my Notifications. I tried deleting & reinstalling the App, but Im still not receiving my Notifications. Please fix!!!!!


The better app for text and call

Great App

Works really good with great features

Liked older version

With older version, when I called out I could have speaker phone, but now there is advertising and no way to put on speaker while ringing the person I am calling which is quite inconvient. Also no way to use speakerphone while listening to voice mails. Please fix these areas where you took away speakerphone capability

Great App

The app wont let me paste anything while typing, please fix this

An update every single day?

An update every single day? Cant it be done, tested and released correctly the first time?

Not ad free

Although a cheap app that works it is not ad free as sold


This app is amazing

Please fix this app

The amount this app lags and crashes, its a wonder it is still being "updated". I have to close everything on my device just so I can open this app for two seconds to reply to someone, then go through it many times when having a full conversation. The constant crashing on startup is just plain stupid at this point, for a "finished" app with constant updates of "bug fixes," it does not work well at all. Another tip, if you want your battery dead in 3 minutes, this is the app for you. You can either listen to music and do your normal processes for hours, or use TextNow for about 3 minutes, and your battery will be just as depleted as your patience with the app itself.

Please fix

Very slow app. The typing box interferes with advertisements that pop up and lags the app.

I love it but its not working now

Im not receiving any messages nor are they sending


TextNow works really well on my Windows Phone. But it has been really crappy on my iPod touch for a while.

After update, unusable

I did the latest update, and now the box that you type in doesnt show. App unusable that way!!

Too many glitches.

The app used to be so most to use but since the launch of the iOS 10 it has become almost impossible to use app. Too many glitches and too much time to load. App crashes from time to time.

Great app but ...

It is a great app but the calls never connect on first 6-7 tries. Even if connected after keep on trying the sound quality would be bad, lags, crashes... Can only use this for texting. Too bad the app has clean easy to understand layout, the calling feature is not functional.


Why cant you fix this, takes me over a dozen tries to open it on my iPad. Other than this all pretty good.

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