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This current version crashes on startup

Wont load the app. Hopefully to be fixed asap!


Please make the app faster. The Telegram messenger app is blazing fast but this app is slow. Please also bring back the standard feature where all conversations with unread messages would be at the top; right now theyre all over the place. I love this app and you guys are awesome! Keep doing what youre doing! :)

great app

unlimited calling in us and canada i like that. plus with the new update unlimited text in 100 countrie yeeee

Good app

Its a great app, but you should calm down with the ads. Like the ads are okay, but always getting ad texts is super annoying.

Battery hog

Ok so I guess I need to uninstall this app. As cool as it is, I have location services set to never for it and I even have it forced quit. But somehow its still managing to use 50% of my battery in the last 24 hours and almost 40% for the last 7 days. Whatever you guys did in your most recent updates, needs to be fixed

Screen keep freezing

Not a good app. If you have one person it will work any more it just freezes and just wont work. Look elsewhere for text app.


Really like the app. Used it for a year and a half. Text and talk for free. You cant beat it. A bug here or there but no real issues.

Great app !

I use this app as a backup line so only the people I want to have my real number have my real number , however this app works great . You can call and receive calls sound quality is excellent . You can text and receive texts, you can send and receive photos as well AND theres voicemail . Its a great app you wont be disappointed with this useful tool.

Great for texting

Its great for texting but not a good app for calls

Almost perfect

I really like this app, specially how easy and reliable it is. I only have 2 issues to report: -Its not possible to take an incoming call when the iPad is locked. As soon as I punch in my password to unlock the device it appears as a "missed call". -I keep getting those annoying messages to update to the newest version, when I already did. This needs to stop. Other than that, I think it is a great app. Keep up with the good work.

Keeps Crashing

Every time I send a text message, the app crashes.

Make a update right now

What would be even more better if you let people send video on text now I want the video option were you can send video from your camera roll to send to the person remmber in your update that you need to allow people to send video from there camera roll its only a picture option there should also be avoided option that you can send a video to someone from your camera roll so today make a update and allow people to send videos to the people on text now they want make the UPDATE RIGHT NOW

Great for the price

It has a few quirks, but for those of us who dont have a cell phone, it allows us to talk to everyone who does.

Best VOIP App!

The best of me all. TextNow does everything... well!! Works across all devices and provides a local area code (Canada, too). TextNow really is the best of its type and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

Great App

This has got to be one of the best text app around

Was very happy until the ads started

Been using this for a year and paid last year a reasonable amount for a year of no ads, now $40, kind of steep for just texting!!

Cant login

I cant login. It keeps saying error, try again. Pls help

Best of its type

Ive found TextNow to be the best app of its type. Talk, text, and voicemail with any CAN/USA phone. Local Canadian area code makes return calls simple. Love it! Recommend it!


Im having problems with this app... Cant open messages... Shuts down 3-4 times before I can actually open the message And sometimes I even have to restart it So please fix this issue

Love this app but...

Lately it seems the app has been lagging and freezes all the time. Really frustrating as I use it for business.

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